Ashley Feltham School of Dance - Policies



Students are expected to arrive on time for class and in proper dance attire. (Please refer to the Dress Code section for details.) Students are also expected to attend classes regularly. No food, gum, or cell phones are permitted in the studio. In the event of a school closure due to inclement weather, a message will be provided on the Studio phone line, and posted to the Studio website and face book page. While the class will not be rescheduled, students may attend another class in another time slot to make up for this lost time. Before doing so, however; arrangements must be made with the dance teacher.

Fees are due at the beginning of each term. The dance year consists of three, eight week terms and one twelve week term. Fees may be paid in cash, cheque, debt, Visa or MasterCard. Returned cheques (NSF) will result in handling charges. All fees are non-refundable and subject to change without notice. If due to medical circumstances a student is required to withdraw from training, and if a valid medical note is provided, she/he will receive school credit for the number of weeks that she/he was unable to attend. No refunds or credits will be provided for missed classes or for classes that were cancelled due to inclement weather.

Students are responsible for the cost of all costumes. A non-refundable fee will be charged per costume and will be included with term two or three invoices depending on the date of the recital. The balance of the costume fees will be required several weeks prior to the dance recital. Tuition fees for all four terms as well as all costume fees must be paid in full before any costume will be released. Any student with an outstanding balance will not be permitted to participate in the dance recital.

If a student becomes ill or for some valid reason is unable to attend the dance recital after costumes have been ordered, the student will be required to pay the full costume cost.

For information concerning specific dance fees, please contact the Studio

Dress Code

It is very important that all students wear proper clothing and footwear to class. This is essential in order for the dance teacher to observe body form, to maintain professionalism and to ensure that improper clothing does not limit mobility.

The following must be observed for all dance disciplines:

Ballet / Pre-Ballet

Pink tights, a pink or black body suit and ballet slippers are required. Boys may wear black jogging pants and white t-shirt.

Jazz / Latin Jazz / Jazz Funk / Variety Class

Stretch pants, body suits, unitards, t- shirts, tank tops, shorts are all acceptable or you may wear tights and bodysuit. Students must wear jazz or ballet shoes.


Tights of any color, bodysuits, unitards, something form fitting as it's important to be able to see if the body is moving appropriately. Jazz shoes, ballet shoes or bare feet are acceptable.

Tap / Step Dancing

Stretch pants, body suits, unitards, t- shirts, tank tops, shorts (or you may wear tights and bodysuit). Tap shoes are required.

Hip Hop

Jazz or sweat pants, t- shirts, tank tops, or shorts. Jazz shoes or sneakers are required. (Please do not wear street sneakers for class).

Social / Ballroom / Latin / Line Dancing

Adults may wear regular clothing to class unless otherwise specified. Ladies may wear shoes with a heel; men should wear some sort of dress shoe. (Please no sneakers or shoes with rubber soles.)

Dance Recital

During term 4, a dance recital will be held at the Arts and Culture Centre. This is a very exciting event for the students; they work very hard to make it a success. It is an excellent opportunity to showcase their achievements over the past year while at the same time, enhancing their performance skills, building their self esteem and their overall confidence.

Student will be expected to attend extra practice classes prior to the recital. During the week of the recital, several practice classes will be mandatory.