Ashley Feltham School of Dance - Programs

All classes are available from beginner level to advanced.
Combo classes are available in some classes for children ages 4-6.
Private Lessons are available in all dance disciplines.
A Teacher Training Program is available for students who have interest in pursuing a career as a dance teacher.

Ballet & Pre-Ballet

Ballet is the core of all dance disciplines. It develops poise, posture, discipline, grace and coordination.

Ballroom / Social Dance for Children, Pre-teens, & Teens

Students are exposed to elegant and disciplined routines that provide a wide range of exposure to various dance disciplines, providing more opportunity for growth as serious dancers.

Wedding Dance

Prepare for the perfect 'first dance'. Instruction and choreography customized for you and/or your entire wedding party. Give your friends and family a performance they will not forget. Choose a traditional slow waltz or spice things up with the Rumba, the Cha Cha or Latin Jazz. Or maybe you would like to do both! Anything is possible, contact the studio, let's discuss.

Variety Class

This class is designed to broaden the student's dance experience in various cultures of dance around the world. The class will focus on a new dance style every 3-4 weeks giving students an opportunity to learn the basic movements of various styles of dance such as Flamingo, Celtic, Afro Jazz, etc.

Hip Hop

Break it down to all the latest hits! Create the moves of your favorite video artist.

Latin American

Show your cha cha cha on the beaches of the Caribbean. It's exhilarating and exciting and guaranteed to be lots of fun. (Cha Cha, Rumba, etc)

Latin Jazz

Groove to your Latin favourites. This is a very free moving class, packed with energy and fun.


Fun and upbeat, Tap combines a technical and rhythmical spin on dance. Exam classes, free-style and Irish are offered.

Modern Theater

Modern Theatre combines a genre of dance elements characterized by poetic movement and free-style expression in disciplines such as Jazz and Ballet. Based on the ISTD syllabus, exam and free-style classes are available.


A quick tempo style of dance that enhances flexibility and coordination. Perfect your leaps, kicks and turns to the beat of today's music.

Jazz Funk

This class is an amped-up, high energy and dynamic street style of Jazz (a mix between Hip-Hop and Jazz). Students learn jazz techniques using the latest moves often seen in today's music videos.

Social Dance

Be prepared for your next cruise or social event! Learn the graceful movements of ballroom dancing including Fox Trot, Waltz, Quick Step and Jive to name just a few. Social Dance offers an enjoyable evening out for you and your partner. You'll be surprised at how much you will accomplish! Classes available from beginner to advanced.

Tiny Toes I and II

To introduce the joy of music and dance to young children, the studio is pleased to provide a Tiny Toes program. This program will provide an introduction to dance movement and creativity, socialization and teamwork in a fun and carefree environment. The program is developed for two age levels:
• Tiny Toes I (ages 2 - 2 1/2 years)
• Tiny Toes II (ages 2 1/2 - 3 years)

Exam Classes

Exam classes are available to serious dance students whom the dance teacher feels are able to participate at the appropriate level. Exam classes provide intensive training focusing at the higher technical level. The Syllabus work is governed by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) out of England. Students would typically have the physical ability a well as the dedication and commitment to push themselves to their greatest ability.

Acceptance to the exam classes is at the discretion of the dance teacher and not all students who enroll in exam classes will be recommended for the exam if the teacher does not feel the student is ready. Oftentimes an additional year of training may be required. Students must be enrolled in other dance classes to be eligible for exam classes.